KCS Offers

  • On-site consulting and management services combined with two years support consultation to assure proper implementation of positive change
  • Take over day-to-day management operations and human resources.
  • Maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • Brokerage service. KCS finds a buyer for your practice.
  • Appraisal service. KCS performs a professional evaluation of your practice.
  • Buy-Sell Agreement. KCS develops the purchase agreement. This includes negotiation with buyer and seller.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. KCS negotiates and develops both.

Why doctors retain KCS

  • LOW NET INCOME – KCS will teach you how to achieve a 38% net to gross ratio.
  • HIGH COST OF OPERATIONS – Cost of goods and percent of salaries to gross must be in proper ratio for the state. KCS teaches techniques to keep these percentages at or below your state level.
  • LOW PERCENTAGE OF PRIVATE PAY PATIENTS – Marketing research indicates that 40% of the population does not have vision insurance. KCS has proven techniques to increase your private pay percentage by at least 30%.
  • PATIENT VOLUME – KCS has proven techniques to fill the doctors schedule on a daily basis. This equates into huge increases in income.