Hiring Kattouf Consulting was a fantastic choice for our practice. The organizational tools and preventive care techniques that we learned and have implemented will help us to sustain a profitable and rewarding environment for years to come. We had a good practice but now have a great one that is more profitable, more organized and ultimately more rewarding than ever before. 

Dr. Eric Nilsen, Nilsen Eye Care

Kattouf Consulting was EXACTLY what our practice needed. The Kattouf Consulting techniques are what you need to know to run a successful business. By implementing the Kattouf Consulting techniques, the owner’s stress level is down and profits are up! 

Dierdre Fogle, OD Eyetopia Eyecare

Hi Dick,
As you recall I sold my office 1.1.18 and worked for Midwest Eye Consultants for 6 months during the transition. I then retired completely from the office on 7.1.19. 

Mid December we drove down to Mt. Dora FL where I’ve owned a house for the past 9 years. It’s been great down here, compared to Indiana, for the winter. In early May we will drive back to IN where I will continue my flight training for my Commercial rating as I already have my private pilot certificate and instrument rating. 

Other than having the aches and pains of aging I’m really enjoying retirement. Looking back over my professional career I don’t believe I’d be where I am without your help and advice. I owe much of this to you and I just wanted to thank you for your part in making it happen. 

Your friend, Rick Baron

Retired and loving it

3D Vision has been in the optometry practice for 3+ years. We felt we were ready to move beyond the scope of the practice as we had originally defined it. We had a vision of where we wanted to go, but did not know how to define the best methods and procedures to get there.

3D Vision discovered Dr. Kattouf at the Vision Expo Conference in Las Vegas 2012. After several discussions with Dr. Kattouf, and some research on our part, 3D Vision made the decision to hire him as our consultant. We have been more than happy with our decision since that time.

Basically, 3D Vision sent Dr. Kattouf preliminary documentation on our practice, procedures, and personnel. From that information he prepared detailed recommendations and priorities for implementing improvements to effectively and efficiently grow our business. Dr. Kattouf personally visited our office, brought hard copies of his findings, then reviewed and trained all associates on how to best bring about the desired results. It sounds simple, but to us it was a mammoth step and commitment! 

Additionally, and very importantly, Dr. Kattouf remains available to analyze and guide 3D Vision on important issues as they arise. This particular aspect of his consulting service gives 3D Vision quite an edge in customer quality which leads to increased patient satisfaction. We are most confident in our high recommendations of Kattouf Consulting. 

Dr. Cameron Drake and Dr. Jennie Drake, Broomfield, Colorado

I felt my partner and myself had a very good practice. We had been together for over 30 years and built upon his father’s practice who practiced in the 1930’s. I had real concerns about increasing interest debt and ineffective management. After we retained Kattouf Consulting we were able to get rid of $260,000 worth of debt. Dr Kattouf’s techniques, methods, advice and evaluation of our practice enabled to retain and increase the volume of patients. I never thought this improvement would be possible. 

Dr. James Jambor

As new graduates looking to purchase an existing practice, Dr. Vergin and I employed the services of Kattouf Consulting to help us negotiate the buy/sell agreement with the selling doctors. His expertise was used to valuate the practice and facilitate the entire purchase transaction.

We were very confident that we were paying a fair price and were buying a practice that would give significant opportunity for growth. After the practice purchase, we continued to utilize Kattouf Consulting for in-office consultation. The tools he provided and the skills he taught us have been invaluable in shaping our staff and creating a successful business.

We would highly recommend Dr. Kattouf to anyone looking to purchase a practice or to a doctor looking to increase practice revenue. 

Dr. Ryan Beloungy, O.D., Cardinal Family Eye Care

Dr. Kattouf’s depth of experience and thorough advice has been invaluable to me in establishing a new private practice. There is no doubt that Kattouf Consulting has helped make my practice a great success!

I highly recommend this 5 star service! 

Dr. Lawrence Kessler, Champaign, Illinois

Since opening my practice cold last year, Kattouf Consulting has been the best choice that I have made. Kattouf Consulting’s methods are very detailed and have been exactly what I need to keep everything running smoothly. It is very easy to see how Dr. Kattouf ran a successful practice himself and how he has helped so many doctors increase their success.

Anytime I have a question he is very easy to get in touch with. Without his help, I would have been very lost for the last six months. 

Ashley Valencic, O.D. South Carolina

Two and a half years ago my practice was in need of an objective, no-holds-barred look at the management aspects of optometry. The time had come to get real and get a tougher look at what was going on around me in my office. I had heard outstanding reports about Kattouf Consulting for many years.

After calling Dr. Kattouf, he agreed to come to my office to evaluate my situation with regards to appointments, collections, insurance programs, patient flow, management, employee “temperature”, and may other aspects.

He scheduled in-office training and evaluation with all of the employees that lasted for two full days in the office. This allowed personal interaction with Dr. Kattouf and my staff that allowed a continued assessment to help turn my practice into a more efficient entity.

His feedback was invaluable to make important, painful, yet productive changes in the office. The objective evaluation by Kattouf Consulting, with their coaching, helped me make many painful, yet necessary changes in staffing. Our collections dramatically increased very quickly. New streams of income we had not been using were utilized in a way that I could not imagine.

Dr. Kattouf’s advice helped to be able to provide a higher level of care and improved employee relationships between themselves and the doctors. There is a higher level of cooperation and understanding which has led to improved patient care.

Thank you, Dr. Kattouf for your assistance. 

Dr. Steven Nigh, Greenville, South Carolina