Dr. Steven Nigh, Greenville, South Carolina

Two and a half years ago my practice was in need of an objective, no-holds-barred look at the management aspects of optometry. The time had come to get real and get a tougher look at what was going on around me in my office. I had heard outstanding reports about Kattouf Consulting for many years.

After calling Dr. Kattouf, he agreed to come to my office to evaluate my situation with regards to appointments, collections, insurance programs, patient flow, management, employee “temperature”, and may other aspects.

He scheduled in-office training and evaluation with all of the employees that lasted for two full days in the office. This allowed personal interaction with Dr. Kattouf and my staff that allowed a continued assessment to help turn my practice into a more efficient entity.

His feedback was invaluable to make important, painful, yet productive changes in the office. The objective evaluation by Kattouf Consulting, with their coaching, helped me make many painful, yet necessary changes in staffing. Our collections dramatically increased very quickly. New streams of income we had not been using were utilized in a way that I could not imagine.

Dr. Kattouf’s advice helped to be able to provide a higher level of care and improved employee relationships between themselves and the doctors. There is a higher level of cooperation and understanding which has led to improved patient care.

Thank you, Dr. Kattouf for your assistance.