Dr. Cameron Drake and Dr. Jennie Drake, Broomfield, Colorado

3D Vision has been in the optometry practice for 3+ years. We felt we were ready to move beyond the scope of the practice as we had originally defined it. We had a vision of where we wanted to go, but did not know how to define the best methods and procedures to get there.

3D Vision discovered Dr. Kattouf at the Vision Expo Conference in Las Vegas 2012. After several discussions with Dr. Kattouf, and some research on our part, 3D Vision made the decision to hire him as our consultant. We have been more than happy with our decision since that time.

Basically, 3D Vision sent Dr. Kattouf preliminary documentation on our practice, procedures, and personnel. From that information he prepared detailed recommendations and priorities for implementing improvements to effectively and efficiently grow our business. Dr. Kattouf personally visited our office, brought hard copies of his findings, then reviewed and trained all associates on how to best bring about the desired results. It sounds simple, but to us it was a mammoth step and commitment! 

Additionally, and very importantly, Dr. Kattouf remains available to analyze and guide 3D Vision on important issues as they arise. This particular aspect of his consulting service gives 3D Vision quite an edge in customer quality which leads to increased patient satisfaction. We are most confident in our high recommendations of Kattouf Consulting.